Thinking of Alice

Thinking of Alice


Through the Looking- Glass 

This site is built "thanks to" Martin Gardner and Rina Litvin.  After reading the Hebrew translation of The Annotated Alice I took a pencil and made my remarks and notes about "Through the Looking- Glass".

This site is under constant construction and new notes are added all the time. However, the main, or what I think are the more important remarks are in.

As can be seen, there is no Graphics in this site, above the wish not to hide the texts, comes the sad fact I have no graphical talent nor the time or energy to cope with it.

I'm afraid that some of the notes I made are wrong, based on not understanding the texts, miss- interpretation or other causes. Moreover, I'm pretty sure that most if not all of my remarks where noted and fully discussed in the past by the important Carroll scholars. But maybe there is one or two notes here that might give an idea or inspiration to someone and than I contribute something to the world.

Any remarks, additions, comments or suggestions are most welcome. If you wish to help me with the Graphics, English or send me a bottle of wine or money, just email me.